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We are delighted to be finally wrapping up our Thames House project. This been a challenging project with many twists and turns, but the day that we took the photographs (thanks Agnese!), the sun shone, and the spaces and views looked fabulous.

A very enjoyable morning today in the London School of Architecture @lsofarch – I gave a workshop to MA students talking about environment, energy and passive design in practice. Thanks to the students for agreeing to dress up in coloured t-shirts as heat gains and heat losses and for the excellent questions at the end.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Giles was presenting with the AA Low Carbon group to introduce the interactive website : which sets out the Architectural Association's carbon footprint, and explores options for reducing it. This presentation was part of the AA Climate Matters week. A recording of the presentation is below.

AA Low Carbon Team :

Giles Bruce,

Tom Raymont,

Mizue Katayama

Ciaran Malik,

Sal Wilson,

Consultants :

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