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The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Our competition submission for the AJ ‘House of Colour’ competition for an innovative, colourful playhouse for children.

“THE SUN HAS GOT HIS HAT ON HIP HIP HIP HURRAY THE SUN HAS GOT HIS HAT ON AND WE’RE GOING OUT TO PLAY…” Colour in the morning is not the same as colour in the evening. The sun moves, light shifts, colours change. Our proposal responds to this change with a play structure that orients itself to two directions. Two interconnected play spaces face east and west. A diagonal wall between each is perforated with differently sized openings, some big, some small – lots of opportunities to run between, play hide-and-go-seek, hangout. Morning sunlight reflects from a series of multi-coloured panels onto the diagonal wall clad with Hardie Panel, and again in the evening, creating a play of reflections and shadows through the day. We have worked with Ceramic Artist Ingrid Saag, to create a series of art pieces within this central wall, providing coloured openings from one side to the other. Colours range from vivid to earthy, energising to relaxing, and provide an idiosyncratic, inspiring palette for two different worlds – one morning, one evening.


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