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Competition win on Swansea Tidal Lagoon Water mist installation

Working with Studio Prelude and sound artist Andy Pink, A-Zero was selected as one of five winning submissions for installations in the proposed tidal lagoon in Swansea, Wales. The lagoon, due for completion in 2018, will use Swansea’s significant tidal swing to generate hydro-electrical power. The proposal is to accommodate a series of floating misting water jets moored parallel to the promenade which encompasses the lagoon. The water mists, which are activated during times of energy generation only, will rise and fall according to water levels in the lagoon, and according to the 25 hour cycle of the tides. This dynamic of changing height of water, changing weather and changing time of energy production will constantly vary the effect, with the mist sometimes blown thin, sometimes forming a fog behind the shelter of the pier. A-Zero worked with the design team to explore how the installation could work best with its immediate environment to achieve and control these effects.


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