Housing by the Quays 
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This residential development by the Thames River in Rotherhithe, London was unanimously supported in the Southwark Planning Committee after a lengthy consultation period. 

This is a design that considers the site's relationship to the river in both the past and the future. Originally part of the Thames' sprawling docklands, the area was substantially developed in the 1980s, but still retains some of the character of its maritime heritage, with remnants of the dock infrastructure scattered around the area. Designed with respect to predicted flood water levels in the year 2100, the design elevates six duplex above a ground level commercial unit. The duplex units are organised so that every unit enjoys dual aspect to the adjacent park on one side, and obliquely to the street. 

The building is constructed of pre-fabricated timber cassettes clad in a combination of brick, steel and living green walls. The  scheme is currently on site, due for completion in 2022. 

Architect : A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Ross King, Shoichi Sado, Phillip Toyin

Planning Consultant : Quod

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This project is built in an area of high flood risk along the Thames, meaning that under current climate change predictions, it is likely that there is a risk of inundation post 2065 if the Thames Barrier flood defences are not raised and the managed River Thames water levels are raised above the level of the existing defences.   

Resilience to this future reality is through the building section, with all living accommodation raised up above podium level above the predicted flood datum. 


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