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This north London property was in a sorry state when we visited first. It had been extended over several phases, and what remained of the original outdoor space was small and oppressive. However, we decided to make the best of what we already had and only selectively remove some of these additions to enhance the whole. 

A new courtyard, glazed on three sides with gridded steel windows forms a new outdoor space. An existing stair to a roof terrace was replaced with a new steel spiral staircase. This new outdoor space with the stair as its centre is the focus from all parts of the house, allowing horizontal and diagonal connections through the house from front to back. 


Architect : A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Shoichi Sado

Structural Design: Dan Fordham Consulting

Contractor : Ministry of Building

Photographs © Adam Scott

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Contraction rather than extension

This house had already been extended, just very badly. The decision to remove some of these previous parts, contracting the plan by removing whole rooms and floors between rooms, opened up the house to create light and visual connections throughout.


This approach allowed us to minimise the amount spent on demolition, and focus the budget on other design elements including the windows, doors and finishes. 


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