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The brief of the project was to convert lower ground floor of an existing house into a new kitchen and bicycle workshop with new access to the garden.


We removed part of the middle floor to open up a double height space over the kitchen. This double height space allows both verbal and visual connections through the house and frames a west facing view to the garden from the ground floor sitting room.


The materials were considered with respect to the relationship of new to old, with the original pine flooring exposed steels painted turquoise, and exposed brick used throughout. The stair forms the interface between old and new, with a Victorian stringer carrying the flooring from above to below, and a rhythm of stainless steel rods top and bottom bolted providing the balustrade.

Architect : A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Phillip Toyin

Structural Design: Fordham Consulting

Contractor : Gjoka Developments

Photographs © Adam Scott

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Height, Light & Social Connections

This house was typical of many, in that the room with the best relationship to the garden was the worst space in this house. The floor to ceiling height was less than 2.3m, and digging down was not an option due to cost constraints.


By taking the decision to remove part of the floor above and creating a double height space to the front of the kitchen,w we were able to make an enormous windows to span between the two floors and bring light deep into the plan. The other major benefit was social – we were able to make a small study niche at the upper level, meaning that our clients could occupy different levels but still have a conversation with each other.

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