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This house in Peckham had a problem that was typical of many of its type. The kitchen was low, narrow and dark, and a toilet, tacked on at the back of the kitchen blocked any potential view to the garden. 

The budget did not allow for any extensions, so instead we sought to eek out the maximum amount of space within the existing footprint. A new volume pops up and out of the kitchen to provide height, light and a seating snug. The box is clad in iroko cladding which is echoed in elevated plant boxes in the garden. 


  • LABS Excellence in Design Award  (2016), FINALIST

Architect : A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Maria Despina Stasi

Structural Design: Fordham Consulting

Contractor : Gjoka Developments

Photographs © Adam Scott

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Contraction Rather than Extension

Very often, it makes much more sense not to extend a house, but instead make better use of the space that is already there.  By avoiding spending any money on foundations, we were instead able to invest in materials, with iroko clodding on the pop out box also continuing to iroko clad planted boxes in the garden. The project has completely transformed the way the house and garden is used, making it feel twice as big (when in fact it is exactly the some size as before.)

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