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Dulwich House 
, 2023

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Dulwich House

London, UK,


A new build house in a leafy suburb of London, the project was designed around a comment by the client who said 'I would not be adverse to having a tree inside my house'.


We took this as an invitation to find ways to integrate planting throughout the house and create the clearest connection from inside to the landscaping outside. Internal planting is located in deep planted beds, and a double height space in the living area accommodates a large bamboo which grows from ground to first floor. The exposed steel frame doubles as a structure for planting (in the long term) to attach and grow. 


The scale, proportion and materiality of the house need to be very sympathetic to the neighbouring houses to meet the local design constraints. A palette of brick, clay tiles and zinc give a neutral pallette around which planting is encourage to climb.   

Commencement : 2019

Completed : 2023


Architect :

A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Mizue Katayama, Shoichi Sado, Yasamin Arbabi, Limal Harris,

Structural Design: Studio Allen

Contractor : Blero Construction

Windows & Curtain walling : Aumaxum, Mumford & Wood

Renewables Design & Installation:

Chappell Properties

The facade is clad in fibre cement panels, which flush with the rooflights and glazing. Bricks harvested from the deconstruction of the original structure which sat on the site, are incorporated in to the base of the building. 

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The site is surrounded by some of London's most iconic landmarks - Tower Bridge, the Shard, the river Thames and Canary Wharf.


At the outset of the project, in order to design the building in response to these views, we hired a cherry picker to conduct an arial survey of the airspace. This informed the massing of the building and placement of window in response to these views. 

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