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This project completely reconfigured a penthouse apartment according to a simple client request – that the new layout should have no corners or handles. To meet this request, the layout was designed around one continuous joinery spine through the apartment. The spine was fabricated to integrate a series of full height doors to rooms and stores behind with flush recessed maple lined handles, and integrates a fully bespoke kitchen. It also includes a ‘magic door’ which can close off the corridor but also be fully concealed as one of the panels of the spine. 

Architect : A-Zero Architects

Giles Bruce, Anya Thomas

Contractor : Gjoka Construction

Joinery : Dominic Ash Bespoke

Photographs © James Whitaker 

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Reuse materials

One of the key ideas in the project was where possible to specify recycled materials. We found a maple floor from a basketball court in Hackney which was being lifted and used this as the flooring throughout the whole space. The reused folder brought with it much of the character of the old function, but with sanding and refinishing, the finish was comparable to a new product. 


We also installed a counter in the kitchen which was made of recycled glass bottles.  

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